Mage Hat

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A simple mage hat with some nifty effects (on pc!) and jiggly bits. Look like the magical trouble maker you've always longed to be.

Basic Unity knowledge is required for installation. I've tried to make this as painless as possible.

Should function with nearly any avatar. Scaling and placement will be required within Unity for models other than Shade the Bat's Awtter.

Untested; but it should be Quest compatible. Due to limitations with the platform you me be required to remove the Physbones components when using it with some models (located on the root of the Mage Hat's armature).

What's Included?

  • Mage Hat Unity Package with 2 variant textures included (Fantasy and Storm)
  • A zip folder with a layered Krita file and PNGs for all the included textures.
  • The FBX for editing

Basic Installation:

  1. Import the Mage Hate unity package into your project.
  2. Drag the prefab of your choice (2 included!) into your scene and unpack it.
    1. (Position and Scale the hat to your avatar now)
  3. Attach "Mage_Head" to the Head of your avatar's armature.
    1. (Armature> Hips> Spine> Chest> Neck> Head> Mage_Head Goes Here)
  4. Attach "Fantasy Hat" or "Storm Hat" to your avatars root in Unity's hierarchy. It should be listed at the same level as your armature.
  5. Upload!

Note: Mage Hat, by default, uses Poiyomi 8.0 shaders to pull off it's visual effects. If you wish to customize the textures for yourself, you'll also need them (they're free).

What can I do with this product?

  • You can use this on any avatar with which you own
  • You can use this on public or private avatars
  • Have a good time

What can't I do with this product?

  • You may not share any of the included files with person(s) who do not also already own this product
  • You may not use this product in any way which promotes hatred (sexism, racism, etc)
  • Time travel - only skilled wizards may use this feature - Sorry.
I want this!

Unity Package w/ 2 hat textures, Layered Krita file, Mage Hat FBX

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Mage Hat

2 ratings
I want this!