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Specs is a pair of ready-to-go rimmed glasses with multiple blendshapes to customize your look. Should function on any avatar, but they were designed and fitted to work best with Shade the Bat's otter avatar.

This product is entirely free to download and use! But feel free to donate a few dollars if you enjoy them. ^^


  • 7 blendshapes to adjust the shape and size of the glasses

  • 4 includes textures in the Unity Package (2 colors, each with a 75% transparency texture)

  • A layered Krita file for easy texture editing

  • 1.3k poly model

The multiple blendshapes can:

  • Thin the frames

  • Turn the glasses into goggles

  • Adjust the tops and bottoms of the frames

  • Straighten the frames or angle them on the face

  • Adjust the position up and down

How to Install:

  1. Import the Unity Package into your existing project

  2. Drag the Specs Prefab onto the Head bone of your avatar

    1. Adjust positioning if needed

    2. Adjust blendshapes to preferred shape

    3. Apply any custom textures

  3. Upload!

Installing Specs should be easy and straight forward. As long as the glasses are attached to the Head bone of your avatar there shouldn't be any major issues.

Specs should already be correctly positioned to work on the otter avatar.

Terms of Service

By purchasing/downloading Specs you agree to the following:

You can:

  • Modify or alter the Specs mesh and textures

  • Publicly release textures you have made for free

  • Share the files freely, but please do credit me if someone asks

  • Use the files in games other than VRChat

You cannot:

  • Modify or alter the Specs mesh or textures in a way which is intended to be hateful or harmful

  • Resell or claim any part of these files as your own

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Unity Package, FBX, Textures

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5 ratings
I want this!